NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars ‘Promote Freedom and Democracy’ | FAIR



4 thoughts on “NYT: Unlike Russian Wars, US Wars ‘Promote Freedom and Democracy’ | FAIR”

  1. I don’t agree that US Wars Promote Peace. The idea of winning “the Hearts and Minds” wasn’t true in Vietnam, and I don’t believe that it is now, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oftentimes, we enter into war for our own reason s, send in armies when we either shouldn’t be there, or when a small detachment of Special Ops would suffice.

    Large armies are perceived as invaders, our troops often treat the locals as crap in their own country and, meanwhile, the enemy guerrilla enemy just blend in with the populace. Technological firepower cannot beat primitive insurgents and Jihadists.


    1. Yes, the scope of war as we American’s have fought it since Vietnam has changed. Years ago someone explained to me that fighting a army that wears no uniform and has no capital city is impossible. I venture to think the corporate military complex has much to do with our real goals as a nation. Our humanitarian aid is very limited compared to the surplus of arms we sell and give to other country’s. CARE packages are not to be found in my reading and humanitarian aid comes from other countries and world organization’s. Odd isn’t it that we still claim to be the leaders of the world but for the opposite reasons.


      1. Michael, its nice to see a list of things like you have put together, At the same time, listing them doesn’t mean much unless we know what the GOP leadership–the House goes back a few years, and Senate majority more recently–would and would not agree to.

        For instance, where the Zika virus was taking a horrendous toll in Puerto Rico, Obama asked for $1.9 billion in February of last year. Throughout the summer, the House GOP offered only $600 million, and then pulled that back to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and ACA.

        I know this numbers, because, Zika was a major issue in South Florida. Now, I don’t think that either the GOP nor DEMs hate babies–whether in P. R. or Syria–but, the Administration has to work through Congress and, without dual majorities, I certainly wouldn’t suggest that Obama was the culprit across-the-board.

        Now, we”ll see how Trump does. So far, the Yemeni raid didn’t go well and, with a four star art the Pentagon, the Trump Team tried to blame that on Obama.


      2. I would recommend that you read a free 17 page booklet, which had been available on the Internet: “War is a Racket”. Like Stephen Douglas, General Smedley D. Butler has been dead for a long, long time. He retired sometime after WWI, as an LTG, had fought in three wars–Indian Wars, Spanish-American and the “War to End All Wars”.

        So a career military man, with a chest-full of “salad”, including tow Congressional Medals, points out that young men die in war, while old men profit handsomely. If he didn’t also point-out that generals advance their careers in them, they do!

        In it, he points-out the revenue of major corporations of the day–both before and after WWI–showing that thy were Profiteers. Given the mergers and acquisitions that took place over the past century, the major corporations of that era–before commercial radio–have blended into he fabric of in dusty.


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